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Writing for Children and Teens

When you were a child, did you stay up late just to sneak another page of Roald Dahl's BFG?

What about that time you befriended Sendak's Wild Things during Max's island rumpus? Those stories have captured the imaginations of millions of readers, encouraging children to believe in themselves and reminding adults that the human imagination holds transformative power.

Students who enroll in Writing for Children and Teens exercise their imagination in every lesson, assignment, and question asked. Your instructor will teach you the essential elements of writing for young readers and help you prepare marketable work for publishers and editors. Together, you will explore what inspires you to write, and then get writing.

In his famous novel, Matilda, Roald Dahl wrote, "So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea." Had "all of those authors" not written down their zany, bold, too-crazy-it-cant-be-done ideas, Matilda wouldn't have had hope. Had Roald Dahl not written Matilda, millions of us might not either.

The resources that come with the course are very valuable.  I refer to them often as I write and I love that you are giving me the support I need to submit my work and hopefully publish.  I am so glad I spent the money to take the course.  I already feel like I'm getting my money's worth and I'm only on lesson 4.  Thanks for such a great program.  – Lyn H. 

When an author shares a new, fantastic world in the pages of their book, young readers can begin to see their own world a bit differently. Isn't it time you shared your story?

Our course is carefully structured to meet your personal needs and goals. It is based on the professional requirements of book and magazine publishers in the juvenile market.

The effectiveness of this course comes from the highly personal relationship between student and instructor. The instructor develops a teaching plan for each student’s beginning level of skill, and they work as a team to achieve the student’s objectives.

When you enroll you’ll complete a character study, a descriptive sketch, professional query letters to editors, five story or article manuscripts, and the opening chapters of a book—all by the time you graduate.


The Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards recommends that graduates be awarded six college credits. These credits are available through Charter Oak State College, which charges a separate fee for this service. Full information is available from the Institute’s Registrar to help you take advantage of this opportunity.


Writers, teachers, and others whose business skills are enhanced by the writing techniques developed in our program may qualify for a tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor to learn if you qualify.


The tuition for Writing for Children and Teens can be paid through a monthly payment plan of $85 per month for 10 months with an initial payment of $104 payable on enrollment. You make your first monthly payment one month after you enroll. When you pay in full the tuition is the lesser price of $895. The course tuition includes all personal instruction, required textbooks, reference materials, and sales taxes, where applicable.  Note: this tuition is effective through December 31, 2019. 

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"I completed ICL courses in 2007 and 2010, and am now a multi-genre published author... so grateful to ICL for giving me the skills and confidence to get me going."

Laura Caron Thomas

"After receiving a very nice rejection from Cricket Magazine last week (my non-fiction topic did not quite fit in, as I had feared), Ask accepted my article query for the "Mysteries in the Big Woods" issue of Ask! I am so thrilled! I could not have done it without ICL and my wonderful teacher. :-)"

Lisa Spencer

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