Angelie Martzke ICL Published Grad
Angelie Martzke Published Work: The Grotto” – Skipping Stones, February 2022, “A Gift for Arjun” – Autsim Parenting Magazine, September 2021

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Welcome to the Winners’ Circle where we celebrate the success of our ICL and IFW published graduates. Today we are celebrating Writing for Children and Teens graduate and published author Angelie Martzke!

Autism Advocate 09-2021What are the names of your articles?

“The Grotto” – Skipping Stones February 2022 “A Gift for Arjun” – Autism Parenting Magazine, September 2021

Give us a short summary of your work.

“The Grotto” is about an American girl named Amelia who wants to have a friend in a new village she has moved to in the Philippines. However, Amelia is unsure she will fit in with the other kids especially when she meets Reeza, a neighbor, who introduces her to a few things that she is scared of.

“A Gift for Arjun” is fiction but very close to my heart and based on my real-life experiences. My son, William, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was 5 years old and I wrote this to show his perspective when he is at an indoor party that is full of new noises, bright lights, unexpected touches, and new smells. My goal is to show others and children, ages 6-9, what sensory overload can look like and how to make a situation, such as a birthday party,  less overwhelming and safe for kids with ASD.

Tell us a bit about your path to publishing, from idea to to submission to publication.

My path to publishing started with telling myself, “I can do this!” I started by taking 2 courses from ICL. As a mom of 2 young kids, I’d go through the classes either before my kids get up in the morning, at night when all is quiet, or when I have a babysitter. Sometimes, the ideas come right away. Sometimes they don’t. There are many days I’d have to sit in a coffeeshop to get inspired. Then driving in my car and listening to music can get me going. Who knows! This part is an adventure on its own! Then when an idea comes, I jot it down in a notebook (I usually have one in my purse) or in my cellphone. The second adventure is coming up with a story from that idea. When this happens I’m super excited. Yay! I have something more than an idea! After a few editing/erasing/oops start over moments, I get a draft! Yay! Then, off I send it to my writing teacher. After their feedback/suggestions—I edit/erase some parts to it. After a few polishes, rinse and repeat cycles, it might be ready to go!

Angelie MartzkeI’ll start looking for a magazine that fits my article/story. The next adventure begins with the cover letter. Then I send in my cover letter and story/article. Phew! I did it! Now, will my story/article find its new home? The waiting begins.

Sometimes my story/article receives a generic response that they’re not interested, other times a response that it was good but not what they’re looking for, or no response at all.

Truly an adventure!

How long have you been writing?

I started in 7th grade all the way to college. After I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree, I stopped writing. I picked it up again in 2018, a 13-year hiatus. Yikes!

What’s your favorite genre to write and why?

I love Mystery, the “whodunnit”/detective aspect of it—so fun and exciting! I just get the Scooby Doo image of the gang running when I think of solving a crime.

Which ICL or IFW courses have you taken?

Writing for Children and Teens

Beyond the Basics

How has taking our courses helped your writing and/or career?

“The Grotto” was actually a writing assignment from the Writing for Children class. “A Gift for Arjun” was my first assignment from Beyond the Basics. My teachers from both writing courses were wonderful mentors and supporters. I learned a lot from their feedback and suggestions.

Have any of your class assignments been published?

“The Grotto” by Skipping Stones, February 2022
“A Gift for Arjun” by Autism Parenting Magazine September 2021.

Skipping Stones Logo

Do you have a favorite writing tip you’d like to share?
Is a pen mightier than a sword? Yes! Carry a pen and paper/notebook with you always!

If you could travel back in time and give yourself one piece of writing advice, what would it be?

I’d go back to my last year in college and say, “Don’t stop writing. Keep creating and you’re a storyteller.”

What’s your favorite food?

Japanese and Indian Food

What’s the most valuable thing you learned from your experience with the Institute of Children’s Literature?

Having great instructors/mentors who gave me wonderful feedback/suggestions really helped me stay motivated and get inspired. The courses had deadlines and that really helped me organize my weekly calendar. The courses were easy to follow and provided me with useful, up to date information. I got published!

Lauri Schoenfeld currently resides in Utah with her husband, three kids and dog, Jack Wyatt  Wolverine. She’s an author, motivational speaker, mentor, and teacher sharing her truths about being a Child Abuse and Scoliosis Survivor.

Lauri Schoenfeld is the owner of Inner Enlightenment, a business built around connecting to your inner light and the child within, through stillness, creativity, play, and self-expression. She’s the host of The Enlightenment Podcasts. Her goal and focus is to turn a negative experience into something positive, through writing, speaking, and teaching. Her debut novel, LITTLE OWL, released in August 2021.

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